8oz Kraft Paper Bowls- 500 Pcs/Case

Quantity Discount Price
1 - 3 $0.00 $73.60
4 - 10 $1.25 $72.35
11 + $2.50 $71.10
8oz Kraft Paper Bowls- 500 Pcs/Case$73.60

Serve up pasta, soup, chili, chowder, rice dishes, ice cream, stews, salads, and curries with ease with Paper Food Containers. Made from paper board with a PE coating, these containers are leak and grease resistant and can hold liquid food items without leaking for maximum convenience. Perfect for holding hot and cold food items, these containers come with lids. The lids feature two venting holes to allow steam to vent from the container without building pressure. This helps to keep lids in place to prevent unfortunate leaks or spills. Featuring a smooth and stylish design, they are a must-have for any fast-food chain, restaurant, hotel, or food truck, and can also be used for takeout orders.


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